Welcome to Adria Manipulatorji , the Slovenian leader for pneumatical industrial machinery handling.

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  • Custom made pneumatic equipment suitable for lifting.
  • The right manipulator in the right place.
  • Our solutions:
    Manipulators, balancers, vacuum lifting tubes
    Machines made of stainless steel
    Manipulators certified for ATEX environment

Welcome to Adria Manipulatorji

Adria Manipulators manufactures and sells pneumatic industrial machines, which serve as an aid to workers in manual handling of loads.


Each pneumatic machine is finished with a special gripping tool designed and manufactured by Adria Manipulators to solve a specific lifting problem.

  • Production of Stainless Steel Machines
  • Use in a Food or Pharmaceutical Environment
  • ATEX certification upon request
  • Responsive Applications
Design and Test

Precise planning phase with the purpose of adjusting the manipulator to your environment and the product that needs to be transported.

Test Phase

Special attention is paid to the testing phase of our products, and with rigorous tests, we determine their relevance, also for ATEX environments.


Our experts have the expertise, precision, and experience - indispensable tools for success.

Quality research and safe design for your industry